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McDonalds is Turning Dozens of Roadside Billboards into ’Bee Hotels’ in Sweden

McDonalds has started transforming dozens of unused roadside billboards and signs into housing structures for honeybees in Sweden.

Former Gang Leaders Embrace Peace So They Can Stop the Violence and Be Better Role Models

When a former Bloods gang leader became sick and tired of street violence, he rallied his fellow leaders to form peace so they could help their peers.

Thanks to Student’s Hunch, Seniors With Dementia Are ‘Coming Alive’ Again With the ‘Magic’ of Virtual Reality

The technology was shown to greatly decrease symptoms of depression and isolation in seniors suffering from dementia in more than 100 nursing communities.

Man Moves into Shelter Kennel So He Can Help Unwanted Pup Get Adopted

Since this sweet pup has spent more than 400 days at a Kansas animal shelter, an animal lover has moved in with her to help raise awareness for her plight.

Reversing Hair Loss Could Soon Be as Easy as Wearing a Hat After Scientists Develop Simple New Tech

This noninvasive, low-cost, hair-growth-stimulating technology is powered simply by the wearer's movements—and it's small enough to wear under a hat.

Dozens of Bikers Visit the Lemonade Stand of the Girl Whose Mother Helped Them One Year Ago

This little girl was delighted to be visited by more than 30 different lemonade stand customers this week—and they were all wearing leather.

This New Bioreactor Uses Algae to Capture as Much Carbon Dioxide as an Acre of Trees

This AI-monitored bioreactor can capture and sequester the same amount of carbon as an acre of trees in one year.

Deaf Teen Thanks Flight Attendant for Handwritten Note That ‘Meant the World’ to Her During Her First Flight Alone

A compassionate flight attendant is being praised for her small act of kindness towards an anxious teen who was flying solo for the first time.

World’s Largest Remaining Private Giant Sequoia Forest May Soon Be Protected if These Donors Get Their Way

These 530 acres of giant sequoias may soon be a protected national park thanks to a newly negotiated deal with its private owners.

Watch Rescuers Form a Human Chain to Save Four Dolphins Trapped in Florida Canal

More than a dozen rescuers donned their swimming gear and waded into the St. Petersburg canal in order to save the cetaceans this week.

New Combination of Wood Fibers and Spider Silk Could Rival Plastic After It Outperforms in Tests

Since the new material is tougher than most other substances that we produce today, it could one day be a viable replacement for plastic.

Orphaned Elephant Returns to Human Rescuers So She Can Introduce Them to Her Newborn Calf

Despite how this momma elephant now lives in the wild, she recently visited her human rescuers so she could introduce them to her newborn calf.

Indoor Solar Cells That Can Generate Electricity From Home Lighting Could Power All Our Everyday Electronics

These inexpensive solar cells could power all of our household electronics without the need for disposable batteries.

Tiny Fish Weighing 0.03 Ounces is in Good Health After Reportedly Becoming Smallest Surgical Patient in UK

This tiny pet fish weighing just 1 gram (0.03 ounces) is recovering nicely after undergoing surgery for a tumor that was found on its belly.

Seniors Celebrate Grandson’s Birthday By Dressing as His Favorite Movie Characters—and the Results Are Adorable

Despite never having seen the film, these doting seniors were more than happy to dress up as Carl and Ellie for their great-grandson's birthday.

Learn What 370 Schools Are Now Teaching in a Massive New Mental Health Research Trial

One of the world’s largest trials ever undertaken in the realm of mental health is now underway in the classrooms of hundreds of schools...

Someone Left a Note Written From the Perspective of a Retiring Utility Pole—and It’s Weirdly Heartwarming

This utility pole is set to be retired by the end of the month—so an person took it upon themselves to write the pole's goodbye letter to the community.

This Cheap Little Device Generates Light and Electricity Simply By Harnessing the Cold Night Sky

Since solar panels can't generate any electricity at night, researchers designed this contraption to power LED lights simply by relying on cold evening air.

When Crying Student Boarded Bus for First Day of School, the Driver Held His Hand On the Way There

This is the heartwarming moment that a school bus driver helped an anxious kindergartner turn his first-day jitters into excitement.

Scientists Detect Tone Pattern in the Ringing of a Newborn Black Hole for the First Time, Proving Einstein Right Again

100 years after Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves, scientists have confirmed that he was right about black holes—again.