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Instead of Using Milk Cartons to Search for Missing People, Pizzeria is Attaching Lost Pet Flyers to Pizza Boxes

A New Jersey restaurant is hoping to help reunite local patrons with their furry friends by attaching missing animal flyers to their pizza boxes.

In Landslide Bipartisan Victory, US House of Representatives Approves Bill to Stop Illegal Robocalls for Good

The “Stopping Bad Robocalls Act” was approved by the House of Representatives this week in a stunning 429 to 3 victory.

Cannabis Can Be 30x More Powerful Than Aspirin for Inflammation, Says New Study Eyeing Future Opioid Substitute

The researchers say that the discovery could help create a natural—and potent—form of pain relief without the risk of addiction of other painkillers.

When Mortuary Intern Invites Strangers to Veteran’s Funeral, 3,000 People Travel From All Over for the Service

When an intern at a Michigan funeral home published an open invitation to a Vietnam veteran's memorial service, over 3,000 people answered his call.

Take a Warm Bath 1 to 2 Hours Before Bedtime to Get Better Sleep, Researchers Find

Bath time isn't just for fun and relaxation—researchers have now discovered that climbing into the tub before bed can help you get a better night's sleep.

There Are Now 100 New Sign Language Terms for Scientific Words Thanks to This Deaf Student

Deaf scientists will no longer have to spell out long complex biological names thanks to the efforts of one determined university student.

Tom Hanks Becomes Mr. Rogers in Newly Released Trailer for ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’

Moviegoers are gearing up to hit the theaters in November after Sony Pictures released this new trailer for a Fred Rogers biopic starring Tom Hanks.

First US National Park to Offer Heavy-Duty Wheelchairs for Disabled Visitors to Enjoy the Scenery

Since the track chair program launched in May, national park representatives say that dozens of visitors have used the chair to travel the gorgeous trails.

Canada Passes Most Progressive Fishery Act Yet, Requiring the Rebuilding of Fish Populations

The modernized piece of legislation will prevent Canada from importing and exporting shark fins and also legally require fish populations to be rebuilt.

Woman Can’t Walk, So She Teams Up With Blind Man for Hiking: ‘He’s the Legs, I’m the Eyes’

A blind man paired up to hike with a woman who can't walk, and together they make the perfect team to climb a 14,000-foot mountain.

After $9 Was Stolen From Girl’s Lemonade Stand, Community Gives Her $350 to Pay It Forward

After a group of youngsters stole $9 from a little girl running a lemonade stand, dozens of neighbors rallied behind her charitable mission.

California is Protecting Youngsters From Air Pollution By Deploying Hundreds of Electric School Buses

About 90% of the new all-electric school buses will be deployed for operation in California's most disadvantaged communities.

New Study Shows That Spending Just Ten Minutes With Cats or Dogs Can ‘Significantly’ Reduce Stress

This is the first time that researchers examined these stress-relief symptoms for students in a college setting rather than in a laboratory.

Man Walks the Famed Camino de Santiago Trail With Driver Who Almost Killed Him in a Wreck (Video)

A man, angry at a driver who crashed into him, ended up asking him on a European hike after he learned that the driver had suffered a seizure at the wheel

Diver is Awestruck By Huge Jellyfish Encounter Off the British Coast – LOOK

A UK diver who wanted to show that you don't need to leave the UK to see amazing marine wildlife, had an incredible encounter with a huge barrel jellyfish.

Two Little Girls Have a Petition and Powerful Video for McDonald’s—It May Signal the End of Wasteful Plastic Toys

Since these determined young activists started campaigning for the end of free plastic toys in kids meals, their mission has gotten a massive response.

In a Town That Straddles Two Different US States, the Border Actually Brings People Together

Despite how some regional borders tend to divide their communities, this state line has actually served to bring two towns together.

Want to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing? This New Study Says You Could Try Playing Minecraft

A new study from Iowa State University says that playing certain video games – particularly Minecraft – can help people think more creatively.

Toyota is Now Testing New Prius That Uses Ultra-Thin Solar Panels to Charge Batteries On the Go

The automotive group is testing a new Prius model that is covered in solar panels – and it might mean that drivers can charge up their battery on the road.

Guy Dressed as Batman Has Rescued Dozens of Shelter Pets From Euthanasia

This real-life superhero has rescued dozens of shelter pets in distress – and he has done it all while trying to stay anonymously dressed as Batman.