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If You Worry About Having ADHD, Don’t Despair – Scientists Now Believe Leonardo da Vinci Had It Too

“I hope that Leonardo's legacy can help us to change some of the stigma around ADHD,” said the researcher who led the study.

Nine Years After Mother’s Death, Man Has Amazing Encounter With Yellow Butterfly Right When He Needed It

This college student was going through a troubling time in school when he was suddenly visited by a special little insect on Mother's Day.

This Clever Little School Has Been Requiring Students to Pay for Tuition With Plastic Waste Instead of Money

Rather than forcing children to pay for an education, this school asked their students to collect plastic waste from around their homes and communities.

Airport Encourages Aviation Enthusiasts By Installing ‘Planespotting’ Views to the Runway

Amateur aviation photographers can now capture the perfect pictures of their local air traffic thanks to this airport's latest labor of love.

Google Creates New AI That Can Outperform Doctors in Diagnosing Most Commonly Lethal Form of Cancer

This new deep learning system was able to outperform doctors in diagnosing one of the most commonly fatal forms of cancer in the US.

Sesame Street Debuts New Muppet Character Who Lives in a Foster Home

As a means of making foster kids feel a little less lonely, Sesame Street is debuting a new Muppet character named Karli.

Determined Teen Siblings Who’ve Turned 15,000 Pounds of Food Waste into Compost Awarded Thousands to Continue

This dynamic young duo has saved thousands of pounds of food waste from ending up in landfills – and soon they'll be saving even more.

Managing Your Gut Bacteria Shown to Alleviate Anxiety, Says New Research

Over a dozen different studies have found that people who take steps to regulate their gut bacteria experience fewer symptoms of anxiety.

Passengers Surprised With Train Full of Flowers – and Their Reactions Are Bloomin’ Beautiful

London train passengers were stunned to be welcomed on board today with a breathtaking floral display celebrating this week's Chelsea Flower Show.

Just Add Water: New Salt Battery Could Help Spell the End of Fossil Fuels

This new pilot program in Berlin could help to replace fossil fuels with salt batteries as a sustainable source of heat storage.

Six Years After Fateful Encounter at Local Landfill, Man Has Rescued Hundreds of Abandoned Dogs

This man had no idea that a spontaneous visit to his local garbage dump would forever change his life – and the lives of hundreds of stray dogs.

Massive New Arbor Day Campaign Will Plant 100 Million Trees Around the World

The largest tree-planting charity in the United States has launched a new initiative that will help to plant 100 million trees before the 150th Arbor Day.

Wearable Cooling and Heating Patch Could Be Your Body’s New Personal Thermostat

Are you always hot in the summer or cold in the winter? This 2-inch device may soon warm you up and cool you down without resulting in a hefty utility bill.

Epic New Trail Will Allow Cyclists and Hikers to Travel 3,700 Miles Across America From Coast to Coast

For the first time ever, hikers and cyclists will be able to travel nonstop across America from sea to shining sea.

Restaurant Offers Sweet Note of Forgiveness to Manager Who Accidentally Served $6,000 Bottle of Wine

Rather than serving the $300 bottle of wine that the customers ordered, a staffer accidentally cracked open a rare French wine worth almost $6,000.

Irishmen Without Phones Reunited With Tourist Pic After Asking Woman to Put It On Internet for Them to Find

Within hours of posting a photo of three Irish friends to social media, Twitter users were successfully able to identify the men.

Farmer Saved Fox Cubs By Performing Emergency C-Section On Mother That Had Just Been Hit By a Car

These cute critters may not have survived to see the light of day if it had not been for the quick actions of a 24-year-old farmer.

First Smartphone App to Detect Ear Infections in Children Could Save Unnecessary Doctor’s Visits

Rather than waste time and money on unnecessary visits to the doctor, this app could give parents an easy way to diagnose an ear infection.

Muslim Cab Driver Broke Strict Police Curfew to Drive Hindu Woman in Childbirth to the Hospital

An Indian cab driver is being praised for his compassionate example of “Hindu-Muslim unity” during a strict police curfew earlier this week.

China is Spending $1.5 Billion On Creating New Giant Panda Reserve Three Times the Size of Yellowstone Park

With giant panda populations steadily recovering from record lows, this new park is expected to give the bears a much-needed boost.