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Unborn Baby Treated for Spinal Defect After Being Removed From Mom’s Womb for Surgery, Then Put Back

This pioneering new surgery is treating unborn babies of a spinal defect while they are still in the womb.

Thousands Are Rejoicing Over Photos of a Chubby Rat’s Rescue From a Manhole Cover

It took a crew of eight German firefighters and an animal rescue expert in order to save this rotund rodent from her plight.

Proud Dad Mic’d His 4-Year-Old Playing Hockey and the Results Are Comedy GOAL!

When an amused dad shared a video of his 4-year-old son's relatable hockey commentary, the youngster quickly amassed a slew of new Twitter fans.

Man Buys $540 Worth of Cookies So Girl Scouts Can Get Out of the Cold Weather

This guy didn't care about spending $540 on Girl Scout cookies – he just didn't want these two girls to have to stand out in the cold.

Parkinson’s Researchers Now Have $24 Million To Keep Going Thanks to Funding From Michael J. Fox

Scientists now have over $24 million in funding for Parkinson's research thanks to the beloved Hollywood philanthropist.

Good News in History, February 26

100 years ago today, the Grand Canyon was proclaimed a National Park by the US Congress. The steep-sided mile-deep canyon carved by the Colorado...

IKEA Develops Remote-Controlled Boats That Can Collect Floating Garbage From Polluted Rivers

These 10-foot boats may look cute, but they have been designed by IKEA to address the serious issue of floating water pollution.

Dove is Issuing Thousands of Dollars in Grants to U.S. Dads Without Access to Paid Paternity Leave

The cosmetic company hopes to close the gap in paid paternity leave by giving away multi-thousand dollar grants to new fathers across America.

The ‘Coziest Taxi’ is Giving Free Rides to Commuters Weary From the Cold (Check Out the Inside…)

This UK taxi cab has been decked out with an imitation fireplace, furry rugs, throw blankets, and slippers in order to help its passengers unwind.

Teacher Inspires Class By Chopping Off Her Waist-Length Hair to Match Bullied Student’s Haircut

This compassionate teacher went above and beyond the call of duty in order to cheer up a 5-year-old student who was being bullied for her haircut.

Not Seen for 100 Years, This Galápagos Tortoise Was Considered to Be Extinct – Until Now

These massive reptiles have not been seen on the Galápagos Islands since 1906 – but thanks to a recent expedition, there may still be hope for the species.

You Can Now Avoid Red Lights Thanks to Audi’s New Onboard Tech That Suggests Speeds

The systems could save drivers tons of gas and frustration now that is has been launched in over a dozen American cities.

Officer Becomes Hero to Neighborhood Kids After Sitting Down to Play With Girls Who ‘Were Afraid of Cops’

This police officer has become a local celebrity after he took the time to befriend some local children who expressed a fear of cops.

When AC/DC Caught Wind of Ice Skater’s Charity Tribute, Guitarist Angus Young Donated Thousands

Though this hockey ref has always paid tribute to his favorite band during his iceskating marathons, his most recent event had an unexpected visitor.

Woman Shares Home With 90 Rescue Animals She Named After Lord of the Rings Characters

If anything can be said about this 31-year-old dog sitter from Georgia, it's that she loves animals and she loves Lord of the Rings.

After Decades of Research, Mexican Scientist Successfully Eliminates HPV From Dozens of Her Patients

After 20 years of research, a team of scientists from Mexico has succeeded in curing 29 patients of HPV. Human papillomavirus is a sexually-transmitted disease...

How Acupuncture May Ease Symptoms of Menopause

Studies have been conducted on the effects of acupuncture on menopausal women, but this research offers new evidence on its “realistic” efficacy.

Man Who Loves Cats Transforms Home into Feline Playland – And You Can Too (For Charity)

This man has been using his colorful cat palace to raise money for a feline disease that was previously incurable until now.

Taxing Empty Apartments Could Be the Solution to Affordable Housing in Expensive Cities, New Study Says

Instead of building new apartments, cities could make housing more affordable for city dwellers by taxing the thousands of homes that go unoccupied.

Watch ‘Lieutenant Dan’s’ Emotional Reaction to Heartfelt Thank-You Video From Veterans

Gary Sinise, the actor best known for his role as Lieutenant Dan, was recently given an emotional surprise thank you-video for his years of charity work.