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The Joy of Holding a Book Will Never Go Out of Style: Sales Improve for Fifth Year in a Row

If you're looking for a positive trend from 2018, printed book sales have continued to improve despite the concerns of e-reader competition.

After Cheerful Young Walmart Cashier Pays for Stranger’s $110 Grocery Bill, Community Repays Him Ten-Fold

When this 19-year-old Walmart cashier happily picked up the tab for a struggling customer, his community decided they wanted to thank him for his kindness.

Wrinkles May Soon Be a Thing of the Past Thanks to New Skin Cell Discovery

Not only could the discovery spell the end of aged skin, it could also serve as a stepping stone to defeating several common diseases and infections.

Smart Caption Glasses Allow Deaf Audience Members to Watch Live Theater Performers Directly

Sign language interpreters are not always present for live performances – but these new glasses mean that deaf spectators can enjoy the show anyway.

Man Donated Hundreds of Thousands of Miles to Strangers, Reuniting Families for the Holidays

And his donation inspired dozens of other frequent fliers to donate their airline miles as well.

Undersea Robot Just Delivered 100,000 Heat-Resistant Baby Corals to the Great Barrier Reef

The briefcase-sized robot dispersed over 100,000 coral larvae across Australian reefs – and if it proves to be successful, it could just be the beginning.

Government Shutdown Doesn’t Deter Military Volunteers From Beloved Tradition of Tracking Santa

More than 1,500 enthusiastic volunteers have stepped up to continue the tradition of monitoring Santa Claus's journey around the world.

Veteran and His Wife Donate All of Their Worldly Possessions to California Firefighters

A compassionate combat veteran and his wife are donating almost all of their worldly possessions to firefighters who were combatting the blaze in Paradise,...

Want to Stop Eating Junk Food? New Research Says You Should Get More Sleep

This new study says that you might be getting junk food cravings because you're not getting enough sleep.

Amidst Bomb Threat Evacuation, NBA Player Stops to Carry Neighbor’s Child Down 46 Flights

When asked for comment about the incident, he simply chuckled, saying: “I'm just a good Samaritan, not a hero.”

Watch Homeless Man Delight in Giving Away $100 Bills to Strangers on Behalf of Secret Santa

Though the homeless man was also given money for his Yuletide mission, he said that the best part of the experience was giving to others.

Family Accidentally Transforms Weed Growing From the Sidewalk into a Beloved Charlie Brown Tree

What started as a small act of spreading Christmas tree turned into an outpouring of community love, compassion, and camaraderie.

Tattoo Shop Has Been Giving Away Free Services to Anyone Who Brings in Clothing for the Homeless

A compassionate tattoo shop owner has given away thousands of dollars worth of free services in exchange for clothing donations for the homeless.

Watch Magician Perform Magic Tricks for Bewildered Shelter Dogs in Hopes of Getting Them Adopted

As a means of showing off the personalities of these adorably bamboozled shelter pups, a magician made their dog treats “magically” disappear.

World’s First Cell-Grown Steak Doesn’t Cause Harm to Animals

Scientists are rejoicing over their achievement in creating the world's first cell-based steak that is grown without causing harm to animals.

Student-Designed Electric Car Breaks World Record by Crossing Australia in 6 Days Using Only $50 of Power

A team of college students has just broken the Guinness World Record for using the lowest amount of energy to cross Australia in an electric car.

Unique New Study Proves Pharmacists Working in Barbershops Drastically Improves Men’s Health

An innovative healthcare project proves that men are more likely to improve their health thanks to visits to their local barbershops.

Newly-Discovered Cave Big Enough to Fit the Statue of Liberty Proves the World is Still a Wondrous Place

A “honking big” cave has been discovered tucked away in the rugged Canadian landscape – and geologists are in awe of its magnitude. The cave,...

After Learning From Deadly Mistakes in the Past, 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Resulted in Zero Casualties in the City

Despite the considerable impact of last month's earthquake, the people of Anchorage are celebrating how their preparation resulted in zero casualties.

Watch Dramatic Video of Surfer Potentially Breaking Record for Riding World’s Biggest Wave

The 29-year-old daredevil still needs to submit evidence to officiators, but experts have expressed confidence that he succeeded in breaking the record.