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Blind Man Develops Smart Cane That Uses Google Maps and Sensors to Identify One’s Surroundings

The walking stick has finally been given a modern makeover thanks to some Turkish engineers who developed a smart cane for the blind.

Mexican Scientist Makes Edible, Biodegradable New Form of Plastic Out of Cactus Leaves

Professor Sandra Pascoe Ortiz, the scientist who developed the material, says that her new formula could be a sustainable replacement for plastic.

After Bullied Boy Has Terrible First Day of School, Upperclassmen Take Him Under Their Wing

When this youngster confessed to having a terrible first day of school, several high school seniors swooped in to take him under their wing.

When 16-Year-old Missed Jonas Brothers Concert for Chemo, They Surprise Her at the Hospital

This 16-year-old chemo patient could barely contain her excitement when she was surprised at the hospital by none other than her favorite boy band.

Awestruck Police Officer Snaps Photo of Teen Using His Jacket to Shield an Older Woman From the Rain

The compassionate teen in Missouri was photographed using his coat to protect an older woman from the pouring rain earlier this week.

Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek is Back After Announcing He is ‘On the Mend’ From Stage-IV Cancer Diagnosis

Just months after announcing his stage-four pancreatic cancer diagnosis, the game show host says he is “finished with chemotherapy”.

Mom Overwhelmed With Gratitude When Hotel Manager Befriends Autistic Boy Wanting to Show Off His Card Tricks

He may not have known it at the time, but a Hilton hotel manager had a dramatic impact on a young guest after they struck up a conversation about magic.

Teacher’s Powerful Exercise of ‘Leaving Emotional Baggage at the Door’ Has Totally Changed Her Classroom

This teacher is going viral for using a simple—but poignant—activity to teach her students about empathy and emotional baggage.

Dad Has Been Using His Town’s Roadside Message Board to Make Thousands of People Laugh

A 56-year-old Colorado man has become internationally recognized on the internet by using his town's roadside message board for dad jokes.

‘First of its Kind’ Zero-Emission Geothermal Energy System in Canada May Soon Be in Your Town

The first-of-its-kind underground system uses a closed-loop design generates zero greenhouse gas emissions and requires no fracking or water.

Picture of 3 Italian Grandmas Happily Holding Migrant Kids On Their Laps Might Be the Best Photo of the Week

It's not hard to see why this gorgeous photo has been shared across European social media sites.

For the First Time Ever, Giraffes Are Given International Protection at Historic Geneva Summit

After years of population decline, giraffes have been given new international protections by the delegates at the CITES summit.

When Boy With Autism Was Overwhelmed By First Day of School, Kind Classmate Soothed Him

When a little boy with autism was overwhelmed by his first day of school, a compassionate classmate helped turn it around.

World’s Largest Electric Vehicle is a Dump Truck That Doesn’t Even Need to Be Plugged in for Recharging

This 45-ton dump truck is able to power itself solely by capturing energy from its brake system during its downhill journeys.

Watch 5-Year-old Bust a Move at Foo Fighters Show After They Ask the ‘Wee Dude’ to Join Them On Stage

It's times like these we're thankful for this adorable video of a little boy being brought on stage to dance with his favorite band.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline is Getting Its Own 3-Digit Number in the US

Following a landslide approval from the House last year, the FCC has just established 988 as the best new option for a 3-digit suicide prevention hotline.

Hearts Are Melting Over Waiter’s Compassion Towards 91-Year-old Dining Alone

People eating at the nearby tables could barely contain their emotions over the heartfelt exchange between this waiter and his elderly patron.

You Butter Believe It: Cornell Researchers Make New, Healthy Spread Made Almost Entirely of Water

Scientists have discovered a new method for making a healthier food spread that tastes like butter—except it is made almost entirely from water.

Check Out Some of the Gorgeous Winning Pictures From This ‘Kindness Photography’ Contest

When prompted to submit photos of kindness, hundreds of photographers published their work—and the results are breathtaking.

This Seventh Grader Donated All $15,000 of His County Fair Earnings to a Children’s Hospital

After earning $15,000 in livestock premiums from a county fair, this youngster donated all of it to help fund children's medical research.