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Check Out the Joyous Photos of 100,000 Muslims Celebrating End of Fasting at Europe’s Largest Eid Gathering

Since today marks the end of Ramadan's dawn-to-dusk fasting, thousands of Muslim families are gathering together to celebrate.

Barefoot Teacher Pictured Running Ahead of Tornado to Warn Families in Carpool Lane to Take Cover

In a photo that is quickly going viral, this fourth grade school teacher can be seen running ahead of a tornado so she can warn parents in the carpool lane.

Minnesota Will Soon Pay for Your Landscaping Costs If You Plant Bee-Friendly Greenery

If you're a gardener living in Minnesota, the state may soon reimburse you for planting bee-friendly plants on your property.

Having Muslim Soccer Champion on English Team Has Led to Dramatic Drop in Hate Crime, Islamophobia

Since Mohamed Salah was brought onto the Liverpool FC soccer team in 2017, the club has experienced a dramatic decrease in hate crimes and Islamophobia.

UK is Now Safeguarding Ocean Territory Twice the Size of England Thanks to Massive New Protections

The UK has just approved the largest expansion of their protected ocean habitat, bringing the grand total to over 220,000 square kilometers.

World’s Smallest Baby, Born the Size of an Apple, Finally Leaves Hospital as Healthy 5-Pound Infant

This 5-month-old baby has defied all the odds after she was delivered at just 8.6 ounces – which is about the size of an apple.

Instead of Excess Produce Going to Landfills, Companies Are Sending It Off to Be Dried into New Snacks

Rather than letting thousands of pounds of fruits and veggies go to a landfill, companies are sending them to a startup that turns food waste into snacks.

Atlanta is Transforming an Abandoned Plot of Land into the Largest Public Food Forest in the US

Not only is the Urban Food Forest set to be the largest of its kind in the United States, it is also the city's first public food space.

For the First Time in History, an Albino Giant Panda Has Been Caught on Camera

It is already difficult for researchers to photograph giant pandas in the wild – which is why they are now so thrilled to have evidence of an albino panda.

Watch People Join Rescue Elephants in the Streets As They Embark on 10-Hour Walk to Their New Home

Dozens of pedestrians joined these rescue elephants in the streets as the pachyderms were guided to their new home 12 miles away.

This Breathtaking Café Made Entirely Out of Cardboard Shows Just How Eco-Friendly Architecture Can Be

Except for the actual kitchen, everything in the café is made from cardboard – from the chairs and tables to the light fixtures and menu holders.

When Mom Wanted to Build Walker for Her Son, Home Depot Workers Sent Them for Ice Cream and Got to Work

When Christian Moore told these employees what she was planning on building for her son, the workers gently ushered her out the door and got to work.

Thousands of People Have Been Encouraged By Mom’s Yard Signs – and Their Feedback Has Been Amazing

It has been two years since an Oregon woman started planting encouraging signs in people's yards – and the resulting testimonials have been amazing.

New Research Says That Being a ‘Dog Person’ and Enjoying Puppy Perks is in Our Genetic Makeup

People may be genetically predisposed to being a dog person – and that may mean that they enjoy a number of dog-related health benefits.

Teen Girls Have Raised Over $1.5 Million for Clean Water Simply By Embracing Their Love of Origami

Thousands of people around the world now have clean water thanks to two teen girls who love the ancient art of origami.

Elderly Man Gazing Fondly at His Date in McDonald’s Inspires Thousands of Romantics Online

A simple moment of affection between an elderly couple in McDonald's has won the hearts of thousands of internet users since it was uploaded last week.

Adidas Ensuring That All Their Shoes Can Be 100% Recycled into New Ones Without Any Waste

Not only are Adidas shoes being made out of recycled ocean plastic, but they are also now being modeled into shoes that are 100% recyclable.

Frantic Trucker Miraculously Reunited With Cat Co-pilot After Posting Photo to Obscure Online Forum

This 23-year-old trucker was sick with worry when his beloved cat companion went missing – but thankfully, this Reddit page helped to reunite them.

Instead of Paying for Kayak Rental, You Can Paddle These European Waterways for Free By Picking Up Trash

You can now paddle for two hours along dozens of European lakes and rivers for free – and all you have to do is collect floating garbage along the way.

If You Worry About Having ADHD, Don’t Despair – Scientists Now Believe Leonardo da Vinci Had It Too

“I hope that Leonardo's legacy can help us to change some of the stigma around ADHD,” said the researcher who led the study.