How many of us dramatically sing along with our favorite songs while undercover in our cars? Now we know that cops do the same thing, as shown in this dashcam video lifted from the patrol car of a 20-year veteran.

The Dover, Delaware Police decided to release a series of dashcam “confessionals,” to help humanize the public image of their officers.

“While reviewing dashcam footage, we come across some interesting sights to say the least,” reads the introduction to the video posted on YouTube. “We decided we would share some with you in a new web series called ‘Dash Cam Confessionals.'”

Their debut video features Cpl. Jeff Davis lip syncing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” While driving his car, Davis gyrates his head and punctuates the song with girly gestures like eye rolls and hand gestures.

(WATCH the video above)

Story tip from Jürgen


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