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It’s always nice to be acknowledged for hard work at the office.

Being rewarded with a company-wide trip to France is even nicer.

In honor of the company’s 20th anniversary, about 6,400 employees of Chinese conglomerate Tiens Group were treated to an all expenses paid vacation by Chief Executive Officer Li Jinyuan.

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Thomas Deschamps, who is the head of research at the Paris Tourism Office, told the New York Times that he estimates the Tiens Group and the tourists had spent $13.5 million during the trip.

Jinyuan has a net worth of about $5.8 billion.

The vacation ended with a parade on a Nice coastal promenade, featuring the workers -who were all dressed in identical sky blue hats and T-shirts- configuring their bodies into shapes that formed the words: “Tiens’ dream is Nice in the Cote d’Azur.”

This stunt earned them a spot in Guinness world record for being the longest human-made phrase ever visible from the sky.

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