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If you were alone on a public street and asked to “show someone you care,” what would you do?

When tiny parachutes carrying the suggestion were dropped on unsuspecting bystanders, some people jumped into action, looking around for someone to high-five, or even hug. Others hopped on the phone to tell someone they were loved and needed.

After the person “showed how they cared” for others, they were given chocolate as a sweet reward.

The forecast calling for acts of kindness was put into motion by Hershey’s Kisses partnered with SoulPancake in a campaign called, #ShowYouCare, to remind people that it only takes a moment out of your day to show someone that you care.project 30 construction worker youtube

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SoulPancake, a content production company founded by Rainn Wilson of The Office, has produced inspiring videos and web stars like Kid President whose wildly popular video champions 20 Things We Should Say More Often.

(WATCH the video below to see kindness rain down) Photos: SoulPancake video

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