Thanks to the wonders of technology, people have been offering up the most common gesture of gratitude to paramedics, police officers, and hospital workers who have been working around the block following the Manchester Arena bombing last week.

A crowdfunding campaign started by Edmund Hall has raised over $16,500 to buy drinks for health care workers in the city.

Hall started the initiative by leaving roughly $100 behind the bar at the Turing Tap, a pub across the street from the Manchester Royal Infirmary.

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“I listened to the awful news the morning after the bombing and thought I’d like to put a few quid behind the bar at a pub near the Manchester Royal Infirmary,” said Hall. “I know alcohol isn’t the answer to the stress and trauma that the emergency services have experienced today, but it seems a simple and easy way to say thank you.”

Within a day of starting the campaign, the page soared past its original goal of $1,200. And according to Richard Perrin, a manager at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, the tab has already been put to good use.

“Me, my colleagues from Children’s Theaters and the Pediatric Wards, and all the other staff from the Central Manchester hospitals who had a pint or two on Friday night because of your generosity would like to say a massive THANK YOU. It was very gratefully received,” said Perrin.

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“As you say, alcohol is not the answer to dealing with stress, but being able to go out in a non-hospital space with colleagues who have worked their behinds off this week and not have to think if they can afford a round did really help.”

Hall responded to the compassion by commenting on the page saying: “I am speechless. We have raised ten thousand pounds to buy a drink for the wonderful men and women who are working so hard to help those affected by the terrible events in Manchester. Nothing we’ve done today will fix the damage, or lessen the pain of those directly affected, but emergency service and hospital workers should know that if we were there now, we would buy them a drink. Of course we would.”

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