Instead of ruining the fun for a couple of friends who were enjoying the new Nintendo video game, two police officers accepted their offer to join in.

Jovante Williams had been playing the newly-released “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate” game at his friend’s apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota when they heard a knock at the door.

Local police officers had been called to the apartment based on a noise complaint from a neighbor. Since Williams says that the actual source of the noise was coming from somewhere else in the apartment complex’s hallway, however, the cops left.

The officers returned several more times to make sure that the noise wasn’t too loud, until finally, Williams’s friend told the squad they they were simply drinking beers and playing Smash.

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When one of the officers asked “what is smash?”, Williams asked them if they wanted to play.

Two of the cops immediately accepted the offer and sat down for a few rounds. Amidst everyone sharing some good-natured banter, Williams says that he jokingly told one of the cops: “Just don’t fine me if I beat you.”

When asked who won the games, Williams replied: “We did. But they were pretty good [and] one of them was sick with Pikachu.”

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Williams posted a video of the exchange to Reddit where it was upvoted thousands of times, much to his delight.

“Ultimately (badum-tssh), [I’m] just super happy to post wholesome content and have it go a li’l viral for the world to watch,” he wrote in a comment.

(WATCH the footage below)

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