Even though Axel Winch hasn’t been in the world for very long, the newborn has already been through the ringer and back.

Because Axel was born prematurely at just 29 weeks old in August, he has had to undergo dozens of surgeries and treatments in order to keep him alive.

For the first few weeks of Axel’s stay in the NICU at the Children’s Hospital Colorado, his parents, Melissa and Adam Winch, stayed right by his side. Unfortunately, Axel was unable to leave the hospital and his parents had to return to work.

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Thankfully, Axel would not be alone.

Melissa is an officer at the Aurora Police Department in Colorado, and Adam used to be a policeman at the station as well. So when the other officers heard about their heartbreaking situation, they knew they had to help.

A team of 20 police officers formed a “cuddle watch” at the NICU to watch over Axel whenever his parents couldn’t be there.

Thanks to the collective love, support, and care that Axel received at the NICU, he was recently released from the hospital and sent home with his parents.

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