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Jeb has been the devoted service dog of 79-year-old Kenneth Job since he was rescued from a shed in Detroit one year ago.

Kenneth suffers from a rare neurodegenerative disorder known as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. The disease creates loss of muscle tissues in the body, leading Kenneth to have trouble standing and walking.

That’s why the family was devastated when Jeb was put on desolation row for allegedly killing their neighbor’s Pomeranian named Vlad.

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Though the Job family insisted that Jeb wouldn’t hurt a fly, Christopher Sawa said that he looked out his window in August and saw Jeb standing over the body of his little dog.

Jeb was seized by animal control and the Job family took the Sawas to court over the accusations. After weeks of deliberation and court proceedings, Judge Michael Hulewicz sentenced the canine to death, ruling that he was a “dangerous animal” despite Jeb’s attorney arguing that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to convict him.

In a last attempt to save their beloved hound, the Job family requested a DNA test be made. For $416, a sample was taken from Jeb’s mouth as well as the bite marks on Vlad’s body. As fate would have it, the DNA was not a match and Jeb was set free.

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