Neighbors Harvest Crops Screen Shot KWCQ

Anyone looking at Carl Bates’ fields would think he raises corn, but it turns out he’s also growing a bumper crop of friends.

The farmer, who lives in Galva, Illinois, had 450 acres of grain ready to harvest this year, but couldn’t work the fields because of his cancer treatments.

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According to his family, Carl is not one to ask for help. Fortunately, his neighbors are quick to offer it.

Farmers and local businesses donated ten combine harvesters and 16 semi-trucks, which the volunteers used to harvest all 450 acres in a matter of hours.

“It got to be to the point that so many people were showing up, that they actually had to tell people that we have enough, but you want to stay around that’s fine, but we’ve got plenty out in the field there’s no more room,” Carl’s cousin Jason Bates told KWQC news.

(WATCH the video below — Photo: KWQC video)

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