If it weren’t for this bus driver’s quick-thinking, there may have been a disastrous tragedy inside this flaming school bus.

Teresa Stroble was dropping off 56 kids at their respective bus stops on Tuesday when two children in the back said that there was smoke coming from inside the vehicle.

Stroble pulled the bus over, and evacuated every last child on the bus, leading them to safety just seconds before the vehicle went up in flames.

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The South Carolina school district’s superintendent Scott Turner recognized Stroble in a Twitter post shortly after the event, saying: “Hero!! Ms. Teresa Stroble … evacuated 56 students in under a minute. God bless her. So grateful for her quick action.”

Though the cause of the fire is unknown, pedestrians who witnessed the blaze reportedly said that they could feel the heat from all of the way across the street.

(WATCH the video below)


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