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A craft beer maker in Florida has created a six-pack ring that feeds animals instead of endangering them.

Saltwater Brewery has replaced the dangerous plastic rings with their own innovation–a 6-pack carrier made out of the wheat and barley waste leftover from making beer. The rings are as strong as the usual plastic ones, but are biodegradable and even safe for animals to eat.

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The brewery was founded by fishermen and surfers who have close connections to the sea. They realized that even if you cut plastic rings to keep animals from getting entangled in them, birds and turtles still eat plastic–so they were going to figure out a way to keep the litter from piling up.

It’s expensive to make the edible rings, but Saltwater Brewery president Chris Gove says if other breweries adopted the idea, mass production could bring the cost down to be competitive with plastic.

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“We want to influence the big guys,” Gove says in the video below, “and inspire them to also get on board.”

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