Thanks to a generous California-based company, teachers all over the country will be receiving exactly what they’ve been asking for.

Donors Choose is a nonprofit crowdfunding website that allows U.S. public school teachers to raise money for their classroom projects. Band teachers can ask for instruments; science teachers can ask for lab equipment; kindergarten teacher can ask for craft supplies – one teacher even asked for help raising money to take her environmental science class on a field trip to the Grand Canyon.

Earlier this week, there were more than 35,600 teacher requests on the website. Then, suddenly, they were all fulfilled in one grand gesture.

Ripple, a startup company based out of San Francisco, donated $29 million in cryptocurrency to Donors Choose so it could grant every single wish that was on the website.

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The funding is being called the largest single virtual currency gift to a charity in history.

Ripple representatives say that the donation comes from their staff’s gratitude towards the teachers who influenced them in the past. As longtime fans of, which was created in 2000, the startup swooned over the prospect of giving so many hardworking educators a hand.

“In 18 years of doing Donors Choose, we have, honestly, honestly, never been this excited,” said Donors Choose founder Charles Best. “I would say it’s the dream coming true, except we never had this dream because it would have been too crazy to even say.”

(WATCH the announcement video below)

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