Reading glasses could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new eye drop solution that can help treat far-sightedness.

Earlier this month, Israeli-based Orasis Pharmaceuticals announced that its CSF-1 corrective eye drop successfully met the primary endpoint in a Phase 2b clinical study in temporarily reversing presbyopia, a very common condition that gradually causes far-sightedness in older adults.

According to the company, CSF-1 successfully demonstrated statistically significant improvement in distance-correction. Not only that, the drops also demonstrated an exceptional safety and tolerability profile.

“The successful completion of the Phase 2b study is a significant milestone for Orasis. We are encouraged by these results and CSF-1’s potential to improve the quality of life for people with presbyopia,” said Orasis CEO Elad Kedar. “CSF-1 can potentially alleviate the burden of reading glasses and offer a meaningful solution for billions of people living with age-related farsightedness worldwide.”

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The Phase 2b study was a multi-center, double-masked clinical trial that evaluated the efficacy and safety of the drops in 166 participants across several research centers in the US. The study was conducted on 166 individuals across a number of US medical facilities.

Kedar told Forbes that the drops, which are made out of chemicals that are already found in common eye medications, were shown to immediately reverse farsightedness for a number of hours.

“We now have all relevant preparations in order to start phase 3 as soon as possible,” explained Kedar. “Results have been consistent. We are really excited about the next steps and working to get the full product on the market as soon as possible.”

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