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This devoted pup is being hailed as a hero after he saved his owner from freezing temperatures.

Bob went outside on New Year’s Eve to get more firewood when he slipped and injured his neck. Unable to move, he could do nothing but lay on the ground in twenty four degree weather.

Kelsey, Bob’s Golden Retriever, lay on top of his arms and legs to keep him warm. After she stayed on top of her owner for a full day, Bob fell unconscious. One hour later, he was found by a neighbor who came by the house to borrow some eggs.

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“”The last thing he remembers saying is telling Kelsey that he was so sorry, that he tried as hard as he could to stay alive,” Bob’s daughter Jenny told KCRA. “He wasn’t sure by the end, he remembers losing consciousness and kind of putting his head to the side and saying ‘ I gave it all I could give it’ and that was it. We think about one hour later is when [the neighbor] came and found him.”

Bob was rushed into neurosurgery and successfully saved. Medical officials say that if it wasn’t for Kelsey, Bob wouldn’t have made it.

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