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The rock band Foo Fighters never considered fighting off the persuasion of 1,000 passionate Italians.

Back in July, hundreds of guitarists, drummers, and singers assembled in a field in the tiny town of Cesena, Italy to play the 1999 hit, “Learn to Fly.” The giant jam session was a love song sent to lure the Foos to their city.

The video of their massive performance  had been viewed 26 million times — and one of those was the band’s founder, David Grohl, who said in a video message it was so beautiful, it made him cry.

It also made him want to show up—so the band added one final stop to their 2015 tour, finishing it off in the small city in Emilia-Romagna on Tuesday.

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Grohl took a break in the concert to personally thank all the local musicians, but especially Fabio Zaffagnini, the fan who organized the summer spectacle. He was invited onstage to sit in Dave’s throne and perform with the band.

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About 3000 people attended the concert, according to Zaffagnini who spoke to the New York Times. Most of them were musicians or the donors who gave $50,000 to fund the elaborate production.

(WATCH the Inside Edition video below) — Photo by Edvill, CC

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