This small village in Indonesia has gone from slum to stardom.

Kampung Pelangi, a hamlet consisting of about 325 homes, was previously described by its residents as a “filthy” neighborhood. Because of the debilitated condition of the area, their local economy suffered.

Then, in an effort to attract tourists, a local teacher named Slamet Widodo suggested that they give the village a colorful makeover.

The project came with a $200,000 price tag that was paid for through donations and corporate sponsorship. After one month of hard work, however, 240 houses have already been painted with bright rainbow patterns.

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The village’s cheerful design has attracted tourists from all over the region, giving local businesses a much-needed boost. Because of the influx of visitors, the community has become an Instagram hit.

Kampung Pelangi’s rebirth is not unlike the city of Palmitas in Mexico – when the Mexican government hired a team of graffiti artists to give the village a new paint job, they covered every building in rainbow paint and designs. As a result, crime rates plummeted and village residents were reported to be more cheerful and confident.

It’s a wonder what a lick of paint can do.

(WATCH the video below)

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