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He was the last person many students saw as they departed the school on graduation day, and the one person who could be counted on to remember them whenever they returned.

Kifleab Tekle, affectionally known as “Kief,” spent 30 years shepherding the girls at the private school, helping them cross the street as kindergartners and making sure they were safe teens until they headed off to college.

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Even years later, after they left Hockaday School in Dallas, Texas, visiting alumni would be greeted at the front desk by a smiling Kief, instantly recognizing them, calling them by name, and asking about their family members.

When alums heard Kief was retiring this week, they decided to raise money for a gift. The Class of 2005 hoped to raise $2005 symbolic dollars.

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Even the organizers were stunned when their GoFundMe page raised $185,000 — nearly 2,000 people chipped in.

Kief was shocked and overwhelmed by the outpouring of gratitude. Just like the names he’s remembered for 30 years, this gesture is something he’ll never forget.

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