While this may look like an ordinary gas station on the outside, something extraordinary happens on the inside.

The gas station’s owner opens the doors of his facilities to the local homeless community every day, rain or shine.

Pilar Love, a 44-year-old caregiver for an autistic teen, witnessed it firsthand when she stopped at the Santa Fe Springs gas station in Los Angeles County back in May.

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“I went to go visit this Mobil station bathroom and the person who was inside the restroom was taking a long time,” Pilar told the Good News Network in a phone interview. “The owner then came over to me and said ‘Oh, I think there might be a homeless person in there washing up in the sink’.”

When she questioned him further, the Asian-American man, whose name she did not know, explained how he had been letting poor people sleep, rest, and clean up in the building.

Love was surprised by his policy since the sight of homeless people at a gas station might be a turnoff for potential customers – but the owner remains compassionate, nonetheless.

“Because it’s been raining a lot lately, he had been letting them sleep right at the facilities,” said Pilar. “I can’t imagine many shop owners would do that – many people so often ignore homelessness and this man is opening up his heart to them.”

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“I said to him, ‘You seem to have a heart for the homeless,’ and he told me his son was in the military and that it is such a problem in America when homeless people and veterans with mental illness are overlooked.”

Love has returned to the station several times to chat with the man, and it doesn’t seem like he plans on changing his heart anytime soon. Upon reaching out to the Good News Network, Love said that she simply wants the attendant’s generosity to appreciated and perhaps his kindness will spread.

“It just seems really rare to me for someone to be giving the same respect to someone who wasn’t a paying customer … I thought it would be awesome to give him a little bit of acknowledgement cause it’s not always about money.”

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