Syrian refugee camp in Aleppo-CC-IHH-Humanitarian-Relief

Anti-refugee protests and arson attacks dominate German headlines, but countless unsung volunteers have been collecting clothing and household goods donated by Germans to distribute to some of the tens of thousands of asylum-seekers fleeing war.

Community leader Wolfgang Esser also organizes youth soccer for the children of newcomers, saying, “Sport is the best vehicle for integration.”

He told Reuters that some volunteers are teaching refugees German while others are helping them deal with the maze of German bureaucracy.Alwaleed_Philanthropies_released(3)

Saudi Prince to Give 10,000 Cars and Houses to Needy Families


150 civil servants have even come out of retirement to help refugees get settled and protected.

Germany has a tradition of welcoming refugees, in part, to atone for the horrors of its Nazi past. 450,000 refugees have been welcomed into the country this year alone.

(READ the full report at ReutersPhoto of Syrian Refugees by IHH Humanitarian Relief, CC

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