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He was still a teen when he decided to quit his job, pack up his favorite musical instrument, and travel the world. Nothing unusual for a young vagabond, except Dotan Negrin wasn’t strapping a guitar to his back — he was lugging around an upright piano.

He wasn’t just hauling it to a local street corner, he has pushed the 500 pound piano onto Florida beaches, he’s played it inside a redwood tree in California, and on a mountaintop in the rainforests of Guatemala.

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He’s played in hundreds of locations in 21 countries, attracting crowds and tips at the Brooklyn Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, and on the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Tips and donations pay for, what he calls, his “Piano Around the World Tour.”

“I want to wake up every morning excited to see what would happen next,” Negrin told CBS News.

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You have to wonder, watching him push his piano through a wilderness park in the video below, if he ever wishes he’d taken up a different instrument.

(WATCH the Steve Hartman video from CBS News) — Photos: CBS News video

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