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Rough seas are no place for the uninitiated, and it couldn’t get more uninitiated than a pair of hooves.

From New Jersey comes the story of a Good Samaritan rescuing a deer that had somehow found itself battling the surf off the coast of Belmar.

Adrienne Tully was on the scene taking pictures with a nice camera which she had just picked up again. An amateur photographer, Tully had gone there to snap some shots of the sunset, but spotted the deer attempting to make its way onto a jetty.

At first, she told News 12, she thought it was a bird—and left it at that, but later she spotted a crowd of onlookers coalescing around the sea at 15th Avenue, pointing at the same jetty she had seen the bird on.

That’s when she realized it was a buck, not a bird.

“He was swimming through the ocean and then he decided a couple of times to climb on the jetty and then he went back in the water, and we were a little worried,” said Tully.

After taking a few pictures, the crowd cheered when it saw a friendly surfer pass by and coax the animal out of the confusing, eddying water and toward the shore.

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“There was a nice surfer, I don’t know his name, but he eventually tried to guide the deer out. The deer came out and then just ran north on the beach, you know, far away from any people and I’m sure he’s fine,” said Tully.

Other surfers said the water was pretty turbulent, and they doubted whether the buck could have made it alone, but unanimously admitted they didn’t know the surfer that rescued it.

News 12 New Jersey is still seeking the identity of the Good Samaritan.

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