The image of an adorably outgoing 4-year-old is going viral after a video was uploaded to Twitter showing him crawling under a bathroom stall door so he could befriend the occupant on his bathroom break.

Andrew Hall, an employee at a Chick-Fil-A restaurant in Lynchburg, Virginia, was sitting on the porcelain throne when the little boy said hello.

“I just see his little head pop under the stall, and I was like, this kid’s not actually coming under here is he? I’m just gonna start recording in case something happens,” Andrew told WSET.

4-year-old Levi Stevens started his conversation with Andrew by asking what his name was as he crawled into the stall. He then politely explained that he was too short to use the sink and he needed help washing his hands.

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The boy’s mom then called his name from outside the bathroom, and the youngster said goodbye to his new friend.

Amused by the exchange, Andrew posted the video to Twitter with the caption reading: “Chick-Fil-A never ceases to surprise me.”

Over 11 million views later, Levi’s father Len Stevens commented on the video saying: “Hey, Drew. That’s my boy. I’m terribly sorry for the intrusion. He’s very, very friendly, sometimes a bit too much. You handled it extremely well. Thanks for being kind to him. I truly appreciate your understanding and sense of humor about this!”

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Andrew waved off the apology, saying that Levi was “just doing what kids do”.

“I’m sure I did the same thing back in the day,” said Andrew. “You got a good kid, he seems fearless and defiantly outgoing.”

(WATCH the amusing video below)

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