A young couple’s weekend camping trick took a turn for the worst when Juliette Moore exited their tent to find her boyfriend face down in the grass without a pulse.

Juliette and her 18-year-old boyfriend Isaiah Cormier had been camping near Denver, Colorado when a lightning storm rolled into the area. Isaiah had been standing next to the tent when authorities believe that a bolt of lightning jumped from a nearby tree into his neck.

Upon seeing the flash of light from inside the tent, Juliette walked out of the tent and saw Isaiah on the ground.

As fate would have it, she had taken a CPR class one month before the camping trip, and she immediately began chest compressions. After one round of resuscitation, her boyfriend started gasping for air, only to stop breathing once more. After the second round, he finally regained consciousness.

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“Luckily, his girlfriend was right there, moved into swift action, started resuscitation efforts and began CPR,” Sgt. David Salaman of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office told WMUR. “It’s very important that resuscitation efforts were started right away.”

The couple rushed to meet paramedics near the campsite so Isaiah could be taken to a hospital in Boulder County. Despite now having a scar on his neck from the incident, his family is stunned by his miraculous recovery – and they credit Juliette with his survival.

“I was going to die. She brought me back. I was going to die again. She brought me back,” Isaiah told WPIV.

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