Thanks to one of the senior residents he cared for, one young man was able to pursue his dreams and give back to the community that had helped him for so many years.

Delonte Carter had been a care manager with senior living community Sunrise of Poland, near Youngstown, Ohio,  since June 2011 – but he desperately wanted to become a nurse to continue helping the individuals he serves on a day-to-day basis.

After enrolling at a local nursing school, he failed to pass his entrance test—but, fortunately, Sunrise resident Jean Williams was a former schoolteacher and tutor. She stepped in and offered to tutor Delonte –for however long it would take him to learn the material.

The next time he went to take his entrance test, he passed with flying colors!

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Since then, Delonte has completed nursing school, earned his license, and is now a nurse-in-training at Sunrise of Poland, where it all began.

(Written by the Staff of Sunrise of Poland)

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