Japanese bus drivers are using an unusual community-based strike tactic to demand better job security from their employers.

The drivers working for the Ryobi Group in Okayama declared a labor strike after a rival bus company opened up overlapping bus routes that charge cheaper fare.

When Ryobi would not comply with their demands for better job security, the drivers decided to take an experimental angle with their strike: they would continue to drive their usual routes, except they would not be accepting anyone’s fare money.

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Ideally, the free-fare tactic will prevent management from claiming that the workers are putting their own needs before the community’s.

Additionally, online news outlet Japan Today says that the free bus rides will help preserve the company’s relationship with their passengers in the face of a rival company giving cheaper rides.

Time will tell whether the tactic succeeds, but many social media readers are praising the drivers for their unconventional approach to demanding worker safety while simultaneously serving their community.

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