kidnapper hero with family -KOAT video clipThe gifts keep coming to Antonio Diaz Chacon, after his quick actions rescued a little girl following her kidnapping several weeks ago. Two gifts, in particular, are cause for celebration.

Whirlpool honored the hero Tuesday afternoon with the delivery of a brand new washing machine and dryer, along with instructions for technicians to provide “White Glove VIP Treatment”.

News reports of the girl’s rescue stated that Chacon’s washer and dryer were broken, so he was doing his laundry down the street at his mother-in-law’s house, which is where he saw a man pull a child into his truck and then sprang into action.

When the original story broke, and rewards of gifts and cards started pouring in to the New Mexico household, Chacon revealed that he was not a US citizen. Since then, several attorneys have offered to help him become a citizen.

His family said that would be the best gift of all.

(READ the story, and WATCH the video at KOAT-TV)

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