A compassionate police officer is being praised for the kindness that she showed towards a man who had his groceries stolen while he was having a diabetic episode.

Officer Kirsten Koryciak had been stationed at a Walmart in Houston, Texas when she saw a “groggy-looking” customer come back into the store. The man walked up to the police officer and told her that he had just had a diabetic episode. While he was being treated, someone had taken his groceries.

Since the man was on a fixed income, he was unable to buy more food. Without hesitation, Koryciak used her own money to replace all of the man’s groceries – roughly $30 worth of vegetables, medication, and meals.

When she was later interviewed for her act of kindness, Koryciak explained that many of her family members have struggled with type 1 diabetes in the past, and she understands how awful the disease can be.

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Additionally, she simply said that helping the man was the right thing to do.

“I just didn’t want to see that young man suffering,” Koryciak said at a press conference. “It’s part of my job to care about people.”

“He wasn’t having a great day. He wasn’t feeling good,” she added. “If you see somebody being mistreated or taken advantage of, say something. You have to treat people like they were your own family… how you want to be treated.”

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