Eagel with Fletchers 2 Facebook Michael Fletcher

The highlight of these brothers’ hunting trip was the animal they rescued. They even got a selfie with the bald eagle before setting it free.

Neil and Michael Fletcher were hiking through the woods outside Sudbury, Ontario when they spotted the giant bird of prey caught in a trap.

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Covering it with one of their sweaters to keep it calm, the brothers spent several minutes freeing the eagle’s leg.

A local bird expert praised the brothers’ efforts and said “it took gumption” to approach the eagle, and its razor sharp talons and beak.

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The eagle was calm enough after its rescue that the brothers decided to snap their picture with it before setting it free. Then got a video of the bird’s release – flying across a clearing and into the woods.

(WATCH the video below from Michael Fletcher’s Facebook page) — Photo by Michael Fletcher


Posted by Michael Fletcher on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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