If you never get around to eating your food leftovers, this machine will use them to cook your next meal.

Set it up in your back yard, dump in your leftovers and other organic waste, and HomeBioGas turns it into clean cooking gas. It can even process fats, oils, milk, and meats that cannot easily be composted.

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The byproduct from the gas-making process can either be used in a gas stove, or be used as a natural, liquid fertilizer.

Gas Converter released HomeBioGas

The Israel-based inventors launched an Indiegogo campaign to deliver the machines by August. They raised almost a quarter million dollars through donations and pre-sales, so far.

The green machine, which costs $995, can crank out enough gas for three hours of cooking every day.

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HomeBioGas is easy to set up and break down and doesn’t need electricity to operate. Those qualities have made prototypes of the device ideal for villages in Palestine and Uganda that are using them to produce fuel because they lack basic electricity.

(WATCH the video below from HomeBioGas)

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