After solidifying his stature as one of the world’s most talented magicians, Jason Latimer is now dedicating his time to using magic to motivate children to pursue science careers—and he’s conjured a contest to do it.

The “Impossible Science Student Challenge” is open to any middle or high school students in the U.S. and Canada who can use science-related resources or talents to design projects, displays, or tricks that look like magic.

As a grand prize, Latimer will bring his Impossible Science LIVE stage show to the school of the winning student or team.

Additionally, the student’s project will be displayed on, the organization behind the contest.

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Latimer wrote: “The only thing separating the impossible from the possible is the individual wondering about the right question. Our goal with this contest is to inspire that individual and engage students to use their how’s, why’s, what if’s and why not’s to encourage them to think outside the box using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.”

Most of Latimer’s illusions are rooted in different field of science. The illusion of bending lasers is physics, shaping water is chemistry, his puzzle illusion is mathematics, and the 360 levitation uses engineering.

“I don’t have any superpowers,” he told GNN. “I’ve just asked a lot of questions in multiple fields of science.

The best advice he has for kids who want to win the contest? “Build something that has never been built before, ‘Dream first, think later.’ You will trick yourself ‘thinking’ you know something might be possible.”

He says the thought process of believing your question might be better than everyone else’s is the same thought process behind finding a new cure or building a new technology.

“Remember all we have ever learned in history is that the right question changes everything—wonder changes the world.”

(WATCH the video below)

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