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A “Do-It-Yourself” big-box store is letting someone with special needs do-for-himself. They hired a man with a brain injury and gave his service dog a job, too — bringing the man to tears.

Lima was having trouble finding a job because his condition requires that he have his service dog with him at all times. The store manager at the Lowe’s store in North Regina, Canada decided to dub his companion a “customer service” dog.

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The man cried in front of other store employees as he was told he’d landed a job and could keep his dog, named Blue, by his side while working. Lima has difficulty understanding people when they talk quickly and the dog eases his anxiety.

Blue now wears a custom-made “customer service” vest, just like the store’s human employees. A photo of the new hires was an instant hit on the Lowe’s Canada Facebook page.

“Good for you and congratulations to Owen and Blue on your new career,” Adrienne Krahenbil wrote.


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“Thank you so much for having a heart,” Marie St-Clair posted in the comments. “The heart is what makes a company great, not the profit.”

(READ more at CBS News) — Photos: Lowe’s Canada, Facebook

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