Mikah Meyers may have just become the first person to visit every single one of the 419 National Park Service sites in one fell swoop.

Though other intrepid travelers have managed to visit all of the federally recognized American parks and memorials, Meyers has been traveling nonstop from site to site for the last three years.

Meyers drew inspiration for the trip from the death of his father. Meyers was only 19 years old when his dad passed away without having completed any of his bucket list road trips after his retirement.



After Meyers turned 30, he set out from his home in Washington DC to begin his expedition.

Collectively, the now 33-year-old traveled 75,000 miles. Though he mostly drove cross-country in his van, Meyers took planes, trains, boats, and buses to 56 states and territories.

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Despite starting the trip with only a fraction of the funds he needed, he was reportedly able to raise the money he needed through corporate sponsors and donations. Luckily, he only experienced car problems one time over the course of his three-year trip, according to The Washington Post.



Earlier this week, Meyers completed his epic journey by climbing the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in DC surrounded by friends, family, social media fans, and reporters.

“I really got to know the American story,” said Meyer, as reported by The Post. “More than just natural wonders, the Park Service sites tell our American story.”


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