Jerry Fenton wanted to give back to his alma mater in a special way, so he opened his wallet—and his heart—to the families with overdue lunch fees.

Earlier this week, Fenton walked into Grimes Elementary School of Burlington, Iowa and wrote a check for $700 – enough to pay off the current $458 debt, and to buy lunch for many struggling students in the future.

“I gave them extra money in the account so that every kid at Grimes Elementary school won’t be hungry the rest of this school year,” Fenton posted on Facebook last Tuesday. “Now it’s your turn to do something good for your fellow man.”

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The donation helped approximately 89 kids and their parents. Most of the students don’t even know when they’re over drafted because the notice goes straight to the parents.

“Wowsers! Jerry Fenton, a citizen of our community paid for all overdue lunches of all Grimes kids today!” posted the school on their Facebook page. “Jerry, you are our hero!”

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