The Background: Mary Latham firmly believes that there are always more good stories, and more acts of kindness and love, than there are bad ones. In this TedX talk, she describes her road trip across America and relates how the stories and acts of kindness are much more indicative of the world we live in, than the negativity. Similarly, her road trip wasn’t going to be focused on mourning her mother’s recent death, but on celebrating her life.

Notable Quote: “At the end of that week, my mother passed away, and in that moment, I made a decision. I wanted to do something to honor her. I wanted to create something as a reminder of hope in those waiting rooms; compile these stories. I didn’t know how or exactly what I was going to do but I thought about what she had said to me on December 14th: ‘There is always going to be more good out there, you just have to look for it.’ So I decided I would. I decided I would take her car and drive to every state in the country looking for good.”

The Host: Mary Latham is halfway through her mission to collect stories of human kindness and compassion from all 50 states. As she drives around in her mother’s old Subaru and sleeps on the couches of compassionate strangers, Latham aims to prove that even in the face of adversity and difficulty, “there will always be more good out there.”

If you would like to send Latham a proposal to meet and discuss stories of kindness and positivity, you can visit her More Good website to find out more.

(LISTEN to the inspiring talk below) – Photo by More Good

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