Australia business Grenda gives $15 in bonusesA Melbourne boss has stunned his staff by giving them a staggering $15 million gift — the ultimate pay-off for their hard work and loyalty.

Workers at the bus company Grenda couldn’t believe their good fortune when surprise bonuses averaging $8500 were paid into their accounts – with some staff receiving as much as $30,000 when the company was sold by Ken Grenda after 66 years.

(WATCH the video below, and READ the full story in

Thanks to Conrad Hendricks for submitting the link! See his note to me in the comments below…


  1. Conrad who sent the link, wrote this to me:

    I traveled on Grenda’s busses for years during high school. I grew up in the same neighbourhood. It’s great to see Mr Grenda help that community as things are a bit tough there at the moment. It was a great feeling of hope and change that came over me when I read the article.

    This is the kind of good will that people know is possible, but we’ve been waiting for someone to actually step up and show it publicly in a big way.

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