The investigator was so moved by the tragic tale that he started poring over old ledger books at the Alameda County Courthouse for more information. It was there that he found Myers’s birth mother — Marie “Polly” Oakley—and learned that she was still alive.

Polly was only 16 years old when she eloped with a naval officer and moved to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Her marriage, however, turned out to be a grueling disaster. After she gave birth, he provided nothing for the family and she was left her to fend for herself in a run-down cottage without electricity or running water, Polly told KPIX.

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Once Polly had had enough, and was pregnant again, she called her parents and asked them to buy her a train ticket home. Her mother then sought an annulment at the courthouse because her daughter had been underage at the time of marriage.

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Back in the Bay Area, she gave birth to her second child, Michael Myers, who was diagnosed with a life-threatening hole in his heart.

They couldn’t afford the necessary surgery, so she gave up the baby to a family at the local church who could.

It’s been 65 years since Polly saw her long-lost son, so when Askins reached out to ask if she would like to see him, she didn’t hesitate to say yes.

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Miracle Messages then flew Michael to Polly’s home in Humboldt County and the reunion was on. Not only did he finally get to meet his biological mother, he learned that he had dozens of siblings, nieces and nephews who were all excited to meet him.

Deputy Swalwell (left), Mark Askens (center), Michael Myers (right), family photo via KPIX video

Polly felt as if meeting Michael had put back a piece of her heart.

“He suddenly discovered he has a family, when he thought he was alone in the world,” she said. “I found one more person to love.”

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