This exciting new report says that drought within in the United States has fallen to about 6.1% within the lower 48 states – which is the lowest it has been in 17 years.

Since the U.S. Drought Monitor was created almost two decades ago, it has delivered weekly data sets on the prevalence of drought within the country. The previous record-low from the federal organization was reported in July 2010 with 7.7% drought. The highest amount of recorded drought was 65.5% in September 2012.

California’s years-long drought has essentially come to an end, with only 40% of the state drought-stricken in January, followed by only 8% this month.

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Northern California alone has enjoyed the most abundant snow and rainfall it has had in 6 years.

Southern California, while it is still technically in drought, is expected to be much less harsh as the relieving weather conditions continue.

Gov. Jerry Brown plans to elaborate on the state of drought emergency that he declared in 2014 after the wet season is over.

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