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Dozens of People Volunteer to Entertain Lonely Shelter Pets for the Holidays–Maybe You Can Do It For Thanksgiving

When a shelter asked local Virginians to give their shelter animals a temporary home for the holidays, 92 different hosts stepped up to the plate.

Man Moves into Shelter Kennel So He Can Help Unwanted Pup Get Adopted

Since this sweet pup has spent more than 400 days at a Kansas animal shelter, an animal lover has moved in with her to help raise awareness for her plight.

Delaware Becomes First US State to Achieve ‘No-Kill’ Status for Shelter Pets

With almost 12,000 animals being saved from euthanization, Delaware has just become the first to achieve statewide “no-kill” status.

Guy Dressed as Batman Has Rescued Dozens of Shelter Pets From Euthanasia

This real-life superhero has rescued dozens of shelter pets in distress – and he has done it all while trying to stay anonymously dressed as Batman.

Inmates Will Be Comforting Anxious Shelter Dogs Throughout Fourth of July Fireworks

Spending time with pets can be particularly therapeutic for inmates. That's why a team of convicts are now comforting shelter pups during firework shows.

After Spending 7 Years in Hawaii Shelter, Dog Finally Adopted By Couple Visiting From Michigan

This “plump pup” has finally been given a forever home thanks to a fateful encounter with a Michigan woman who happened to be visiting Hawaii.

Woman Quits Successful City Career So She Can Live in the Woods With Over 100 Rescued Animals

Even though she had been enjoying a successful career as a wedding photographer, Daria Pushkareva had always longed for something more.

Woman Shares Home With 90 Rescue Animals She Named After Lord of the Rings Characters

If anything can be said about this 31-year-old dog sitter from Georgia, it's that she loves animals and she loves Lord of the Rings.

Man Cleans Up Brazilian Streets By Turning Discarded Tires into Cute Recycled Animal Beds

This 23-year-old artist has come up with the most adorable way to recycle discarded tires cluttering up his city streets.

They Set Up Emergency Shelter Near Wildfire Disaster Zone and Took in Dozens of Wandering Cats

This rescue group has spent the last two months rescuing cats lost in the Camp Fire evacuation and reuniting them with their distressed families.

Montreal Turns Iconic Hospital into Shelter for Homeless People and Their Pets So No One Sleeps in the Cold

Montreal's most historic hospital, closed since 2015, has been transformed into a temporary homeless shelter to ensure that no man (nor beast) will be...

Watch Magician Perform Magic Tricks for Bewildered Shelter Dogs in Hopes of Getting Them Adopted

As a means of showing off the personalities of these adorably bamboozled shelter pups, a magician made their dog treats “magically” disappear.

Man Bought School Bus to Rescue Shelter Pets During Hurricanes –He Just Saved 64 During Florence

This heroic trucker is piloting a makeshift Noah's Ark across North and South Carolina so he can save all of the “leftover” pets from Hurricane Florence.

Instead of Seeing Fireworks on Fourth of July, 200 People Spent Their Holiday Comforting Shelter Dogs

Dogs are notoriously scared of the bright, noisy fireworks that ignite American skies every Fourth of July – and shelter pups have no one...

Man Harnesses His Dog’s Love of Golf Balls for Fetch Game That Can Save Shelter Dogs Like Him

Al Cooper doesn't know what his life would be like if he hadn't adopted Davos – so as a means of giving back to the shelter, he started taking his dog to the golf course.

Cat Running Across a Baseball Field Triggers a Movement That Saved 38,000 Animals

Evie the cat became a televised superstar when she ran across the baseball field 28 years ago – but more importantly, she became the inspiration for a life-saving movement.

8th Grader Creates Website That Pairs Shelter Dogs With Compatible Owners– and it’s Working

8th grader Aiden Horwitz is the perfect example of how you are never too young to make a difference. The 13-year-old is currently making headlines...

Now You Can Win a Ton of Free Stuff For Your Local Shelter By Teaching Your Cat to High-Five

You can now help your favorite animal shelter or rescue center by doing something as simple as giving a high-five. Cat Pawsitive, a life-saving program...

Shelter Dogs to Get Temporary Homes So They Can Celebrate Thanksgiving With Families

Thanksgiving may be a holiday for humans, but that doesn't mean that these pups don't want to get in on the fun too. This Home...

Video of Shelter Dogs Paddle-Boarding Helps Find Them Forever Homes

These shelter pups may have seen some tough times in their lives, but rescue volunteers ensured that they were repaid with the best day...