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Sweet Senior Has Given Away 6,000 Chocolate Bars to Strangers in Decade-Long Act of Kindness

This 93-year-old is nicknamed “The Candy Man” because he has spent the last 11 years giving away chocolate bars to strangers.

Heated Argument With Starbucks Manager Takes Unexpected Turn Towards Friendship and Kindness

The argument's positive outcome starkly contrasted what happened at a Philadelphia Satrbucks outlet back in May when an argument arose.

This Kindness App Pairs People With Problems to Neighbors Who Have the Specific Solution

The app has already racked up roughly 65,000 users who are eager to help their neighbors.

These Tales of Kindness From the World Cup Are the Best Examples of Humanity at its Finest

The World Cup is always a perfect example of how humans can get along – regardless of their race, abilities, or sports preferences.

Town Has Uncanny Knack for Kindness in a Pinch, From Hurricane Weddings to Rescuing Lost Planes

When this compassionate town orchestrated a wedding for two hurricane evacuees, the groom said: “If I had a car, I wouldn’t leave. I love it here.”

4-Year-old Superhero is Caped Crusader of Kindness With the Sweetest Superpower

This 4-year-old may not be able to fly or turn invisible, but his “superpower” is better than anything in the comic books.

Man Extends Huge Kindness to Mom of Screaming Kids After Stranger Did the Same For Him

It was Jessica Rudeen's first time flying with two youngsters – and it did not take long for her to become overwhelmed. Thankfully, she was seated next to an empathetic stranger.

Deputy’s Act of Kindness Leads Homeless Man to Family He Never Knew He Had –WATCH

Michael was a panhandling homeless man who thought he was all alone in the world. Then, a deputy's random act of kindness led him to a loving family he never knew he had. (WATCH)

Deputy’s Act of Kindness Leads Homeless Man to Family He Never Knew He Had (Good News Guru Radio)

Hear our radio story of a panhandling homeless man who thought he was all alone in the world, until a deputy's random act of kindness led him to a loving family he never knew he had.

Humble Waitress Who Sliced Ham for Senior is Rewarded For Her Kindness With Holiday, Scholarship

Evoni Williams didn't think much of when she cut up the ham of a senior customer at Waffle House – but thanks to a nearby stranger, her good deed earned the recognition it deserved.

When Kindergartener Has Her Shirt on Backwards, Classmates Are a Heartwarming Example of Kindness

Instead of allowing one of their fellow students to continue feeling excluded, this kindergarten class became a shining example of what it means to...

Celebrities That Surprised Us With Generosity and Kindness in 2017

While 2016 was one of paying tribute to a dozen A-list celebrities who had passed on to the next life, this year has been...

Check Out the 10 Most Amazing Acts of Kindness on GNN For World Kindness Day

Here are your 10 favorite stories of kindness from 2017, with everything from acts of celebrity compassion to sheltering dozens of stray dogs from the snow.

Watch College Football Player Overwhelmed by Scholarship Given for His Kindness

Justin Juenemann has never done a good deed in order to be rewarded – but in light of his constant compassion towards children in...

Plane Passengers Are Left “In Awe” of Woman’s Kindness Towards Agitated Boy With Autism

Many of us have experienced the strain of being on an airplane when a young child starts getting upset – and while most passengers...

Arcade Workers Show Great Kindness to Overwhelmed Autistic Boy

When her 4-year-old autistic son became overwhelmed by the crowds at the local arcade, this mom was resigned to the fact that her kids...

Teacher Has Kept Petition for 61 Years as Memento of Student Kindness

After reading the heartwarming stories of Teacher Appreciation Week, Danny Beatty decided to submit his own touching tale of student kindness. Danny started teaching at...

Have You Watched This Netflix Series About Kindness?

Leon Logothetis had it all—prestigious job, money, a home, a beautiful girlfriend, and a friendly dog – but he traded it all in to...

Soldier Gets to Attend Mother’s Funeral After Kindness Delivers Her to the Doorstep

U.S. Army service member Cadence Davies was stationed overseas in Iraq when she received a heartbreaking message from the Red Cross: her mother had just...

Generous Chef Gets Paid Back For Kindness After His Restaurant Burns Down

Bruno Serato has dedicated his career to serving gourmet Italian food to the rich so he could feed the poor: kids from the local Boys...