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Watch College Football Player Overwhelmed by Scholarship Given for His Kindness

Justin Juenemann has never done a good deed in order to be rewarded – but in light of his constant compassion towards children in...

Plane Passengers Are Left “In Awe” of Woman’s Kindness Towards Agitated Boy With Autism

Many of us have experienced the strain of being on an airplane when a young child starts getting upset – and while most passengers...

Arcade Workers Show Great Kindness to Overwhelmed Autistic Boy

When her 4-year-old autistic son became overwhelmed by the crowds at the local arcade, this mom was resigned to the fact that her kids...

Teacher Has Kept Petition for 61 Years as Memento of Student Kindness

After reading the heartwarming stories of Teacher Appreciation Week, Danny Beatty decided to submit his own touching tale of student kindness. Danny started teaching at...

Have You Watched This Netflix Series About Kindness?

Leon Logothetis had it all—prestigious job, money, a home, a beautiful girlfriend, and a friendly dog – but he traded it all in to...

Soldier Gets to Attend Mother’s Funeral After Kindness Delivers Her to the Doorstep

U.S. Army service member Cadence Davies was stationed overseas in Iraq when she received a heartbreaking message from the Red Cross: her mother had just...

Generous Chef Gets Paid Back For Kindness After His Restaurant Burns Down

Bruno Serato has dedicated his career to serving gourmet Italian food to the rich so he could feed the poor: kids from the local Boys...

Ten Celebrities Who Showed Us What Kindness Really Looks Like

Though we lost many this year, we also found reasons to adore the celebrities still among us – like these ten compassionate stars.

Tribute: George Michael Has History of Kindness and Wit (1963-2016)

Not only was he an incredibly talented pop icon – George Michael's wit helped inspire “Carpool Karaoke” as well as a legacy of philanthropy.

Here Are Your Ten Favorite Acts of Kindness from 2016

2016 may have had some rocky moments, but these 10 inspiring acts of compassion will pull on your every heartstring.

5 Meaningful Acts of Kindness for the Holiday Season

Don't get bogged down by holiday shopping and stress – remember that it's the season of kindness and theres more meaningful ways to give back than ever.

Former Nazi PoW Leaves His $500K Estate to Scottish Town That Showed Him Kindness

When Heinrich Steinmeyer was taken as a prisoner of war in WWII, he was astounded by the amount of kindness shown to him by the Scots.

Meet The Woman Inspiring a Community of ‘Kindness Warriors’

Cate Cook started taking compassionate action in her community in hopes of inspiring a few others – now there's an army of kindness warriors behind her.

Simple Act of Kindness Marks His Third Day on the Job (WATCH)

Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference. That was the case at a rental car agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma last...

Man Witnesses Kindness of Strangers After Old Man Falls Off of His Bike

What happened last night reaffirmed my beliefs that racial harmony is still strong in Singapore! At about 7:30pm last night, I was about to chase a...

“Non-Stop” Random Acts of Kindness Score Home Run At World Softball Championships

There were no losers at this year’s World Softball Championships in Surrey, British Columbia. The U.S. may have beaten Japan for the gold medal...

Kids Are Teaching Grownups About Kindness

"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love." ~ Lao Tzu Educators from across the U.S. gathered in...

British Kids Perform Random Acts of Kindness With Record Levels of Cuteness (WATCH)

English schoolchildren spread out across Bristol in an attempt to set a new world record for the most random acts of kindness in a single day.

School Scores a Touchdown No One Will Forget for its Kindness-Watch

A high school football team planned a sweet surprise for their teen manager, creating a moment no one will ever forget. It was Riverside High...

A Wave of Kindness in Orlando Lightens the Pain of Mass Shooting

The worst shooting of its kind in U.S. history has brought out the best in thousands of people across Orlando, Florida — with businesses...