Naomi Strain has been dealing with uncontrollable epilepsy for years now.

Since she usually has one to two seizures a week, according to Stuff, Naomi tries to stay indoors so she doesn’t undergo a fit in public.

But that doesn’t stop her from riding her bike now and then.

And that’s exactly what she was doing earlier this week on Tasman’s Great Taste coastal route trail in New Zealand when she felt an epileptic fit coming on.

Naomi had just enough time to lock up her bike when she succumbed to the seizure. When she awoke, however, her backpack containing her medical ID, wallet, and bike helmet was gone.

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She returned home and posted a plea to social media asking if anyone knew the whereabouts of her possessions.

A mortified mother reached out to Naomi saying that after interrogating her 13 and 14-year-old sons, they had confessed to nabbing the backpack.

“Apparently the elder brother had dared the younger one [to take it] – they’d both come across me, were sh**t scared, and didn’t know what to do so they just grabbed the bag and ran,” Naomi told Stuff. “I think it was literally a spur of the moment thing, playing silly buggers with no thought into it at all.”

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After dropping by the family’s house, the bicyclist’s possessions were returned. The boys’ mother asked what kind of punishment Naomi deemed fit for the crime.

Instead of issuing any heavy consequences, Naomi requested that the brothers pay for her new bank cards and enroll in a first aid course. This way, the next time that the boys would find themselves in a similar situation, they would know what to do.

Appropriate justice for a couple of frightened little boys and their apologetic mother.

(WATCH the video below)


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