Ryan Belcher may not have green skin, but after he used his strength to rescue an injured man from a crashed car last week, people have started calling him “The Hulk”.

The 29-year-old powerlifter owns a gym in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Thanks to a strict regimen of working out five days a week, he is capable of dead-lifting and bench-pressing hundreds of pounds – but his muscles were put to the real test when he heard a crash outside his gym.

Belcher saw a crowd gathering around two cars, one of which was a Jeep Cherokee that had completely flipped upside down. As he got closer to the crash scene, he saw that there was a man with half his body pinned underneath the overturned vehicle.

There were already four men struggling to shift the SUV so they could free the driver, but to no avail.

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“From there, I just kind of got tunnel vision,” Belcher told MLive. “And then I grabbed the back, where the window was smashed out and lifted up and started pushing.”

Belcher managed to move the 2-ton car just enough so that the man could be freed. Paramedics then arrived on the scene and transported the man and the other driver to the hospital.

Later the same week, Belcher went to go meet the man and wish him a speedy recovery – and their introduction was an emotional one.

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Belcher says that eight different nurses at the hospital gave him hugs and handshakes, praising him for his heroism. The driver, 36-year-old Montrell Tinsley, tearfully thanked Belcher for saving his life and insisted that he would visit the powerlifter’s gym once he was back on his feet again. Belcher, equally emotional, told Tinsley that he was just happy he was okay.

Despite still having tubes in his side to drain his internal bleeding, Tinsley is expected to recover. Though Belcher is humble about being called a hero, he says that he is happy for his new nickname.

“I like being called the Hulk – my son’s favorite is the Hulk and he always says ‘my daddy is the Hulk’,” Belcher told WXYZ. “To say I’m a hero, I don’t know. I’m glad to have been there and I was put there for a reason.”

(WATCH the interview below) – Photo by Ryan Belcher

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