It wasn’t the most elaborately-planned heist, and this 46-year-old woman never even got to the getaway phase after a jeweler caught her allegedly trying to rob his store.

Fatima Milanovic walked into ECJ Luxe Collection in Boca Raton, Florida, saying that she was representing a buyer and wished to see the store’s more valuable wares.

The owner of the store, Bobby Yampolsky, was suspicious because the woman did not bring any tools to examine the gems. Regardless of his worries, he escorted her into the store’s vault where they keep the most expensive jewels.

The woman said that she wanted to buy eleven different rings estimated at $7 million. She then requested to wrap up the jewels herself.

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After enclosing the wares with tissue paper and tape from her purse, Milanovic then puts the package in her purse and attempts to substitute it for a pre-made replica that she had stashed in the bag. When she keeps attempting to distract the jeweler, Yampolsky senses the scheme, and – after trying to take the reclaim the package – simply walks out of the vault, closes the door behind him, and calls the police.

Milanovic pleaded not guilty to charges of grand theft and organized fraud and was released from a Palm Beach County Jail on $50,000 bond.

“We believe that Ms. Milanovic was misguided by people she trusted and had no intent to ever commit a crime while visiting the U.S,” said a spokesperson. “Ms. Milanovic is a mother and wife missing her family back home in France and we look forward to having these charges dropped and reuniting her with her loved ones.”

(WATCH the surveillance video below)

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