Coat to Tent released Royal College of Art

A group of interior design students have created the ultimate outerwear for refugees — a poncho that converts into a tent or sleeping bag, while safely storing important documents.

The wearable shelter features large, waterproof pockets for carrying vital papers and supplies, and it offers the convenience of an easy folding method to create a warm sleeping bag or, by adding a few kite rods, a personal tent.

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Students at London’s Royal College of Art took part in an intense “hackathon,” working with guidance from Doctors Without Borders to create what they’re calling “wearable habitations.”

Coat to Tent 2 released Royal College of Art

WALL Fashion London paid for factory-ready prototypes of the final design and the students have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money needed to bring their idea to market.

They hope to have their design available to the public in June.

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“While our wearable won’t solve the whole problem it addresses a small part of it,’ Dr Harriet Harriss said. “Its conspicuous, provocative design also acts as a kind of spotlight on the crisis, serving as a reminder to us all about the need to continue to press forward in finding an integrated and lasting solution to the problem.”

(WATCH the video below from Reuters) — Photos: Joshua Tam, Royal College of Art

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