When a man pulled his truck into a Buffalo, New York auto repair shop, the workers were stunned into silence.

Spray painted across the silver Chevy truck in large orange letters were racist slurs and hateful epithets. The owner of the vehicle, identified only as Mr. King, had brought his truck to the Collision Masters repair shop in Buffalo for a price estimate on how much it would cost to erase the graffiti.

But the founder of the shop was not about to let the man out the door with just an estimate for repairing the vandalism.

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“Customer pulls into the shop today and I literally hear crickets when all the air tools and employees stopped and shook their head in disgust on what they saw,” says Collision Masters founder Frank Todaro. “I looked at the driver and told him that ‘you are not leaving until I fix this!’”

In what would have taken hours of work and attention, the team leapt into action, cleansing the car of spray paint in just 30 minutes. Additionally, Todaro refused to accept money from Mr. King.

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“Literally my guys dropped everything and attacked this truck like a pit crew and got the job done,” says Todaro. “I told the owner of the vehicle [that] this one’s on me and I wanted him to know that Buffalonians will never stand for this!”

After seeing a segment on a local news station featuring their kindness, state Sen. Tim Kennedy bought lunch for the entire repair crew on Wednesday.

“As the day goes on, it’s been an amazing feeling,” Todaro told Buffalo News. “So many people have been calling, feeling bad for [Mr. King] and thanking us for what we did.”

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