Passengers get a whole lot more than just a ride when Zia Ahmed, a rideshare driver,  picks them up.

Ahmed, who drives for Lyft, asks each of his passengers to leave a brief, handwritten note for the next person that hops into the backseat.

Born from a desire to help passengers connect with one another, Ahmed later began posting the notes on social media to uplift everyone else, and called the effort, “Lyft Me Up San Francisco.”

The notes may burst the bubble you’re living in…


…or bring out the playful child in you.


Some notes encourage riders to find a new best friend…

…and others advise us never to judge.

Ahmed’s collected more than 2,000 handwritten notes since he started “Lyft Me Up San Francisco” last year.

They are simple messages shared among strangers — later shared with the world through Facebook and Twitter — that offer an inspiring reprieve from the mundane chore of getting from Point A to Point B.


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Photos from Lyft Me Up San Francisco Facebook page

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