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Students awaiting test scores in the mail might have been worrying about how well they did. But when they tore open the results, they received words of reassurance from their school, a life lesson for the future.

Teachers and administrators went the extra mile to remind kids that testing isn’t what matters most in life.


“Inside the envelope is a score,” the letter from the Carrickfergus Grammar School Music Society begins. “It’s a score you’ve been waiting for but it might not be the score you’ve been hoping for.”

The scores are for the “Transfer Test,” an exam Northern Ireland grammar school students take to determine which high school they will attend.

The letter told students that even if they are disappointed in their results, “we won’t feel disappointed ‘in you.’”

The school officials insisted that growing up to be “kind, caring, generous, loving adults who make a positive difference” is more important than test scores.

“Remember, the score in the envelope is just a mark for some tests,” the letter concludes. “It cannot measure how amazing you are! So, no matter what happens in the next few minutes, today you must celebrate YOU!”

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The letter drew instant Facebook praise.

“If I had gone to Harmony Hill School when I was a lad. I would be a doctor now or a Scientist,” Billy Sinclair wrote.

“I should give this letter out when I give…scores to my employees,” Kaz Burnside posted.

A great note from Harmony Hill Primary School that we hope all P7s waiting on the postman this morning will read.

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