A Missouri businessman well-known for handing out tens of thousands in cash to random people at Christmas time, this year deputized officers in the local Sheriff’s Department to do the jolly work for him.

He told the 14 Kansas City officers he wanted them to be showered in those feelings of appreciation that spur him to continue his generosity, year after year.

To start, each Jackson County deputy was handed ten one-hundred dollar bills, stamped SECRET SANTA in red ink, and sent out to target those who look like they might need a break. The law enforcement elves did a great job: They pulled over people with run-down cars and visited thrift shops — and judging from the elation, these people really will benefit from the extra cash this holiday season.

Although Secret Santa, always dressed in a red shirt and cap, never allows his face to be shown, he often invites the media along to record the joyful noise. This time, he gave police the opportunity to be the bearer of ‘good news’ for a change.

Once, in 2011, an addict was inspired to clean up his life after receiving the businessman’s gift. “When the Secret Santa called him a good man, pushing hundreds of dollars into his hand even when he said he didn’t deserve it, a prayer was answered.”

(WATCH the wonderful video below or READ more from CBS’s Steve Hartman)

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You can be a Secret Santa too!

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